2015 Street Pianos

June 22, 2015 In: art, community Comments (1)

The Ogden street piano project is the brainchild of the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation. Starting out as a guerrilla art project, Nurture the Creative Mind was unsure how it would be accepted but in the last 4 years the project has not only been embraced , but has become one of the many reasons people love downtown and Historic 25th Street in the summer.
Throughout the life of the project, 25 pianos have been painted by more than 80 community artists, youth and adult alike.
This year pianos will be painted by Corey Chapman, Lindsea Garside, Jessica Hollon, Ally Bee, Lost Art Tattoo Shop, Roy Junior High students, the Junior League of Ogden, Waterfall Canyon Academy, and NCM students.

One of the pianos is in place at Union Station and is prepped to be a garden planter.


Others are in the works. The colorful marker drawing above is a sketch for one of the coming pianos…and for the rest you’ll just have to wait and see!

Pianos are scheduled to be on the street roughly around the start of the Farmer’s Market, July 11th.

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  • October 9, 2015

    I have a question.
    When are you going to take those pianos away?
    I live right above where one of the pianos is placed and it is already mid of October… To be honest I am really tired of listening every “artist” that stops and starts its own melody.

    Please remove this pianos as soon as possible, and please next year don’t put it next to State Farm.

    Thank you

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