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6 Aug 2015 No Comments

August Art Stroll

First Friday is here! This week we welcome a new business to the lineup for First Friday festivities: 25th Street Treasures, located at 105 25th Street, will be serving complimentary […]

2 Aug 2015 No Comments

Jackie’s World Travels – Tunnels of 25th Street

In the fifth and final installment of Jackie’s series outlining Historic 25th Street’s underground, Jackie asks “So are the tunnels real?” This is a case of history becoming “his story” […]

25th Street Underground
26 Jul 2015 No Comments

Jackie’s World Travels, Part 3

Touring the 25th street basements was very interesting to say the least!  Some of the basements floors had been concreted, others were still dirt. Some were lit up with storage and […]

19 Jul 2015 1 Comment

Jackie’s World Travel Part 2

“I quickly learned in my research that there are a ton of conflicting views, opinions and stories associated with the underground tunnels and historic world of 25th street. It seemed […]

Ogden Weber Applied Tech
17 Jul 2015 2 Comments

Trail to Pioneer Days

“The “Trail to Pioneer Days” horse project is one of the largest public art project of its kind in Utah. More than 60 life-size fiberglass horses designed and painted by […]

12 Jul 2015 No Comments

Jackie’s World Travels, Ogden the Most Sinful Town in America

“Anyone who has grown up in Ogden, Utah is familiar with the scandalous history of 25th street and the notorious myths and legends of the “secret” tunnels and underground spaces that […]

8 Jul 2015 1 Comment


Ogden’s Farmer’s and Art Market (OF&AM) has come a long way since its beginning in 2000.  From a humble dirt filled lot to today’s sprawling, colorful market that fills Ogden […]

5 Jul 2015 No Comments

Jackie’s World Travels, on Ogden

“I have lived in Ogden City, Utah, U.S.A my whole life and I truly believe that it is one of the most amazing places in the World.  I have traveled […]

art stroll piece2
2 Jul 2015 No Comments

July Art Stroll

First Friday Art Stroll falls on July 3rd and there have been questions about the date because of the holiday week – YES art stroll is still happening on July […]

22 Jun 2015 No Comments

2015 Street Pianos

The Ogden street piano project is the brainchild of the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation. Starting out as a guerrilla art project, Nurture the Creative Mind was unsure how it […]