April First Friday

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This month’s art stroll is no joke, even though it falls on the ever-prank-worthy April Fool’s Day, April 1st.

Love Notes

Find the “Tan Van” for Ogden Love Note Poetry Cards. How it works: All poems will be written on Ogden postcards and created on the spot to be customized for your true love! Christina Miller will share her words to help bring a little love to the Art Stroll!

The Tan Van will be on the plaza at the Union Station during Art Stroll. Postcards will cost $2.00 and you get to choose the theme such as romance, cheesey, naughty, breakup, and such.

Van Sessions

What’s with the Tan Van? Check out Van Sessions: a mini concert featuring local artists. In association with First Friday Art Stroll, #VanSessions is an evening celebrating the performing arts with musicians playing short acoustic sets inside the Tan Van. The group records the LIVE performances as well as push the tunes through a PA to those outside the Van.

Van Sessions, Round 3 – April Fools Day Edition!

6 pm – Brooke Mackintosh
7 pm – Mojave Nomads
8 pm – Miniature Planets
9 pm – Jon Bentley

Listen to Past #VanSessions Podcasts Here: http://www.thebanyancollective.com/vansessions/

More about The Banyan Collective: http://www.thebanyancollective.com/about/

Green the World

Is closing; their last day will be Saturday, April 2nd. While we are very sad to see them go, we want to celebrate one last art stroll with our friends and support them as they do a sale on remaining in-store items.


Up the street at Pandemonium Art Gallery, will have a huge blank wall on exhibit (yep, a blank wall!)

OMOCA – “Advanced Doodles”

Weber State’s Contemporary art brain child will celebrate its third show, the first to be held outside of a basement. Ogden Museum of Contemporary Art was founded by students in the BFA class at Weber State University to create a contemporary collaborative platform for exhibiting new work off campus and in the Ogden area. Right now, OMOCA’s goal is to host shows in unusual spaces until a more permanent site can be established. OMOCA is ecstatic to collaborate with Nurture the Creative Mind (NCM).

OMOCA’s newest show, Advanced Doodles will be showcasing selected work from Weber State’s Advance Drawing class, the head of the art department as well as Weber’s newest fine art professor. These works will be presented side by side pieces form the youth of NCM. The drawings range from traditional mediums to more experimental materials and mark making. Come see a unique variety of contemporary drawings.

Advanced Doodles will have an opening reception during First Friday Art Stroll, April 1st 2016, 6-9:00pm, 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden Ut (south side of Union Station), and will run for the month of April.

“The Kiesel Project”

If you’re up to wander a bit off 25th Street, we recommend walking by the newly placed arches at 2450 Kiesel Avenue – smack dab in the middle between 24th and 25th Streets. These hundred-year-old trusses were pulled out of the neighboring building to the south and were placed in this lot as part of an ongoing effort to preserve our history while revitalizing downtown. The trusses are just the first (visible) portion of a larger project taking place here. The parking lot will become a community arts plaza and is part of modernizing and energizing the Kiesel corridor which will serve as a connecting route between The Junction and Historic 25th.

What if Ogden…?

While you’re there wondering about all these arches have played witness to, we invite you to imagine the next stages of the community plaza and further development of downtown. If you’ve got an idea in mind, venture down street a little further to 2562 Washington Blvd “The Parlour” for an interactive exhibit hosted by Ogden Young Professionals. The exhibit asks “What if Ogden…?” and allows artists of all skill level and age to paint their vision for some of the dilapidated and forgotten spaces in town.

Want even more to explore? Check it out!



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