111 25th Senate Saloon Bldg
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Senate Saloon GFC 25th

The Senate Saloon, located at 111 25th Street, was completed in 1889 as recorded in the upper portion of the building frame with a sign “ESTABLISHED 1889.” It was built […]

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Union Station Heritage Fest

On Saturday, May 9th, experience Ogden’s Union Station in a whole new way. The Heritage Fest is a day of discovery that is fun for the whole family. All activities […]

Historic 25th Street, Ogden, Utah
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Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town Part 3

For our third and final segment in the series on Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town, we want to take a look into the future: how we plan for what’s […]

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Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town Part 2

In our first post we mentioned that it wasn’t Ogden City alone that brought a shift to Historic 25th Street. It was dedicated citizens and one group in particular, the Junior […]

300-348 25th
13 Mar 2015 2 Comments

Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town

This morning our marketing team joined with city planners, local architects, engineers and other officials from all over the state for the annual Preservation Conference held by the Utah Heritage […]

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Union Station Slideshow Gallery

For the month of February, we are focusing on the history of Ogden’s Union Station and keeping you posted on the proposed renovations. This week, our purpose overlaps with another’s. […]

3 Feb 2015 3 Comments

Union Station Call for Input

Union Station is one of most historic buildings in Ogden; the original station a huge reason that Ogden and 25th Street came into existence and developed as it did. There […]

Ben Lomond Then and Now1
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The Historic Ben Lomond

The Historic Ben Lomond is one of three “grand hotels” in Utah, of which only two are still standing.