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Have a question? Want to share your story? Have a piece of H25’s past you want documented and archived?

The Historic 25th Street Association began as a marketing co-op nearly two decades ago; small businesses banding together to support each other in strengthening the vitality of this street and improving this community. In that same time span, we’ve seen business ownership increase and a new sense of pride in place. What was once a near-vacated street too dangerous to send your kids down, is now a lively, family-friendly hub committed to 100% independently owned businesses.

As an Association, our primary function remains the same: promote and preserve Historic 25th Street. Member dues go towards print and digital media campaigns, event planning and production and overall street improvements.

Marketing inquiries can be sent to our marketing department. If you are interested in joining the association or opening a business on Historic 25th Street, please email the Association Director. Inquiries regarding artifacts, family history and other general area information should be directed to the Director as well.

There are several things that take place on 25th Street that are not managed by the association. Please contact the appropriate city department for concerns related to:

  • garbage
  • parking
  • snow removal
  • signage
  • maintenance
  • farmer’s market
  • street closures
  • street lighting & holiday lights

For business training and support, please consider utilizing our local resources at:

  • Business Information Center
  • Weber State Small Business Development Center
  • Economic Development Center
  • and our community partner, Zions Bank

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