Guerrilla Art in Ogden

October 10, 2014 In: Uncategorized Comments (None)

Guerrilla art, street-art, take-over art, whatever you want to call it, it’s been in Ogden for about three years now. Amir Jackson, founder of local non-profit Nurture the Creative Mind, has initiated many guerrilla style projects on his own and with his group. According to him, “There is a budding guerrilla arts concept, but the movement is not there… yet.” Others disagree.

Jane Font, owner of Pandemonium Art Gallery, believes the movement in Ogden is well on its way. She’s partnered with Amir on several projects over the last year, including an “In my life I will…” board that made an appearance for a few days on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. Jane has coined the phrase “Make Ogden Weird,”  Jane feels that the operative word “Make” marks a significant difference. “There’s movement in the word ‘make’ and we get to be a part of that.”

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