Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town Part 3

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For our third and final segment in the series on Historic Preservation in a Railroad Town, we want to take a look into the future: how we plan for what’s beyond the curve, what’s coming up in the immediate future and how YOU play a role in all of it.

As mentioned previously, our three main tenets are to: 1) keep the street clean, safe and true to historic design, 2) promote the area as a destination, rather than individual businesses, 3) provide quality events and partner with other entities to do the same.

Let’s take a look at each of those individually.

Keep the street clean, safe and true to historic design.

  • The Historic 25th Street Association plants and maintains flower baskets and planters along 25th Street.
  • We work closely with Ogden City to ensure garbage and recycling needs are met regularly and during special events. There’s also a current push for improved lighting throughout our historic district.
  • We host a monthly street clean up team; the third Saturday of each month is devoted to general street clean up and maintenance. We also sponsor/maintain a segment of the Ogden River Parkway, which is not a part of 25th Street but we feel is a valuable part of our community.
  • In winter months we partner with the business owners to ensure the sidewalks stay clear of snow and ice.
  • We work with the Landmarks Commission to help keep our business owners in compliance with remodel and maintenance provisions. From bike racks, to a fresh coat of paint, we want to make sure our street maintains the historic design but doesn’t become a town stuck in time. True preservation means growing and moving forward while ensuring the framework and architecture stays in tact.

Promote the area as a destination, rather than individual businesses.

  • The Historic 25th Street Association works to promote 25th Street as the premiere historic district in Northern Utah. While we do support individual businesses and our participating members, we promote the street as a whole. As a whole we are stronger – whether in marketing value or in political conversations at the city and state level.

Provide quality events and partner with other entities to do the same.

  • Three main events are produced by the Association each year; Harvest Moon Celebration, Witchstock and the 25th Street Car Show.
  • For the remaining events that take place on 25th Street, we have committees and board members involved in the planning and production as well. Everything from the Ogden Farmer’s Market, to the Ogden Marathon, and Weber State’s marching band parade has some level of involvement with the Historic 25th Street Association. It takes a ton of organization to ensure we have parking, safe streets and a well-informed public for each and every one of these things.

But how do we plan for what’s next?

We follow suit with the overall visioning and preparations of Ogden City – for instance when Ogden was designated a bronze level Bike Friendly Community, Mayor Caldwell announced that he wanted Ogden to make every effort to reach platinum level. We sponsored six additional bike racks and worked with the Planning Department to place them on the street and have them insured. That’s just one example, but is indicative of the intricacies that are involved. We can’t just buy bike racks and place them outside.

We’re also heavily involved in the ongoing economic development and vision building conversations with Ogden City. This ensures that we have a dynamic voice in the policy creation that affects our district. Things like parking, allowing food trucks, street closures and more are all shared responsibilities and we work hard to stay involved in a multitude of these ongoing conversations.

Additionally, we participate in national DMO conferences and tourism advocacy groups so we are well aware of trends across the country.

What are we working on now?

As mentioned above, we are working on an improved lighting plan to really demarcate Historic 25th Street as a separate entity. We are pulling together potential layouts and working on grant applications.

Event planning is almost always under way. Harvest Moon alone is nearly a nine-month project.

How can you help?

We are always looking for volunteers! If you’d like to help with our street clean up team, river clean up or if you’re interested in being involved with event planning or day-of event production, send an email to us at volunteer@historic25.com

We’re also happy to have you as an ambassador! Read the information about taking over our Instagram or becoming a guest blogger for Historic 25th Street.

More than anything we love when you participate! Follow along on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay in the loop and more importantly – you can keep your friends in the loop. We’d also advocate that if you have an idea or a project you want to do, reach out and tell us! We’d love nothing more than to help get you started on pursuing your dream for Ogden and Historic 25th Street. Our biggest asset is you! In fact, we’re pretty sure that’s our secret sauce.

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