Jackie’s World Travel Part 2

July 19, 2015 In: history Comments (1)

“I quickly learned in my research that there are a ton of conflicting views, opinions and stories associated with the underground tunnels and historic world of 25th street. It seemed the more information I found and the more people I talked to, the more unclear everything seemed to be and the more questions I had. Digging for answers to the past is like digging a never-ending hole; it can get frustrating to say the least.”

Read more as Jackie unravels the secrets of Historic 25th Street’s underground on Jackie’s World Travels.

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  • James PaceLeave a Reply
    July 23, 2015

    Jackie, I LOVE and adore you old friend!! I look forward and enjoy reading and sharing your stories. I share them with all my new friends here in California. They make me miss Utah so much. Thank you for bring a small piece of home to me through your writing!!! Xoxo

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