Make a Difference Day 2015

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Even in years like this one with a low snow count, winter leaves its mark all throughout town whether it’s worn paint, dead leaves, blown around trash or ripped up banners. And every year around marathon time, aptly named “Utah’s Spring Run-Off”, everyone gets a little antsy about the state of the community and there’s a big push to clean up the town. You understand, you do it at your own home too. At home we call it spring cleaning, as a community, we call it “Make a Difference Day.”

This year Make a Difference Day is May 7th.

Work projects are arranged all over town, including Historic 25th Street.

“We encourage everyone to take part in the event by looking around their neighborhood and identifying ways they can contribute, whether it be planting flowers or helping an elderly neighbor spruce up their yard,” said Mayor Mike Caldwell. “It’s the perfect time to show pride in our community and get ready to show it off to the thousands of visitors who will be here for the Ogden Marathon, May 16.”

Additional details from Ogden City:

“This tradition has become such a success it has turned into a weeklong event. During the first week of May over 1,000 volunteers all come together to spring clean our entire City.

Everyone is invited to participate and may select the project of their choice to contribute to our community. We encourage participants to look for projects in their neighborhoods that will improve the appearance of streets, yards, parks and other community areas. We can help provide support such as dumpsters, mulch, garbage bags, and additional volunteers.”

Participants can contact Ogden City staff for additional information on ways to get involved; or call 801-629-8284.

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