Mayors Awards in the Arts

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Last week we had the pleasure of attending the 14th annual Mayors Awards in the Arts, held just off Historic 25th Street in the old Browning Workshop, turned-event-space, the Alvey Building. The awards are held each year in October in conjunction with National Arts and Humanities month. The Ogden City Mayor’s Awards in the Arts program was created to provide an opportunity to shine the light of recognition on individual artists and arts organizations that are making a difference in our community through the arts.

The Awards are hosted through Ogden City Arts with support from Ogden City Special Events.

There were several new projects installed this summer and the awards evening started with a walking tour around our historic district to visit a few of these new installations. The “Art Corridor Walk” starts at the Frontrunner Station. Walk east on 23rd Avenue to the Junction where you take a right onto Kiesel. Continue south on Kiesel to Historic 25th street. This Art Corridor is open to the public and can be enjoyed at any time. On this tour, you’ll see several installations: Horses and Haiku, “Glide Soar Fly,” and the Kiesel Avenue project.

The haiku installations are particularly special to us because they were contributed by the public through an open haiku competition. Earlier this year, Ogden area residents were invited to submit up to 6 haiku poems addressing the theme, “This is My Ogden.”

Haiku is a short poem of three lines using an economy of words to paint a more complex picture and follows a 5-7-5 syllable structure. A few hundred poems were submitted and of those, 21 were selected for placement on the art corridor.

Following the art walk, a lovely dance performance by Imagine Ballet, and a brief introduction by Thomas Moore III Mayor Mike Caldwell presented each of the awards to the recipients.

The Mayors Awards in the Arts recognize the outstanding contributions of individual artists, art advocates or groups of artists in ten categories, though not all categories are awarded each year. This year’s selections feature awards in six categories: Music, Arts Advocacy, Theatre, Visual Arts, Lifetime Contribution to the Arts, and Hall of Fame in the Arts.

Lifetime Contribution to the Arts: Phyllis Savage

Music: The Kap Brothers

Art Advocacy: Kate Bruce

Hall of Fame in the Arts: John and Telitha Lindquist

Theatre: Alicia Washington

Visual Art: Sherry Ferrin

The Mayors Awards in the arts are nominated by the public and then recommended by The Ogden City Arts Committee representing Ogden City Arts and finally selected by Mayor Mike Caldwell.

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