Ogden LDS Temple Open House

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From August 1st through September 6th, Downtown Ogden will welcome nearly half a million visitors for the Ogden LDS Temple Open House. Given the number of visitors and money spent, this will be one of the largest events in Ogden’s history. The temple is one of the largest private re-development investments in the state, just a bit smaller than the City Creek complex in Salt Lake City.

In comparison to the Olympics, this event is immensely larger in scale; Ogden had about 150,000 visitors during the 2002 Olympics with spectators at Snowbasin and the Weber County Ice Sheet. During the temple open house, visitors will be in one primary location surrounding the LDS temple. Read the full article.

*Story originally appeared in Utah Stories. Photo courtesy LDS Church.

During the Temple Open House, there are several traffic changes. Grant will be a one-way in the northbound direction. There will also be shuttles running every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The shuttles run on one route Monday through Friday with an alternate route on Saturdays to accommodate for the Farmer’s Market.

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