Ogden River

The Ogden River and Ogden River Parkway are a true pride and joy in the heart of our downtown. Once on it’s way to becoming a “dead river”, the river is now honored as a Blue Ribbon Fishery, indicating the exceptionally high quality of river fishing available.

The river was pretty damaged and neglected, as you can imagine the history of a railroad town would do to a river. More than a decade ago the waterway was identified as a primary zone for restoration and redevelopment as part of Ogden’s larger redevelopment program.

The cleanup efforts removed and recycled 5,684 tons of concrete and metal, including seven car bodies, removed 8,359 tons of non-recyclable glass, concrete and miscellaneous waste, removed and recycled 2,460 automotive tires that were used to manufacture flip flops, built nine stormwater filtering areas that are vegetated with wetland plants, built two fishing ramps that are accessible to those with physical challenges and created 20 access points to the river for fishing and other recreation. Read more…
Ogden River Parkway Historic 25th

Today, the river is a much different place! The waterway is healthy, vibrant and flowing with life.

The Ogden River Parkway is a spectacular 9.6 mile walk through nature in the heart of downtown Ogden and is easily accessible from Historic 25th Street. The parkway is family friendly, paved, and can be accessed from any intersecting road.

The trail begins near Rainbow Gardens at the mouth of Ogden Canyon, and ends at the south end of Fort Buenaventura just west of 24th street. Construction of the trail began in 1992 and the parkway now connects into the trail system along the Bonneville Shoreline (access from Rainbow Gardens) as well as intersecting on the west end with the Weber River for an additional stretch south towards Riverdale.

Ogden River Parkway Historic 25th St

The Ogden River has a healthy population of fish including smallmouth bass and a variety of trout. A fishing license is required. In addition to fishing, there are plenty of other activities to partake in along the parkway, biking being one of our top picks!

 Historic 25th Street, the Ogden River, all in the heart of downtown. Take a look!

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