The Alleged Bar

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How does a local bar improve surrounding neighborhoods? It’s a story the DABC isn’t likely to tell, but as it turns out, alcohol sales may be just what the central district of Ogden needed.

Utah native, Jared Allen, owner of Restoration Realty and co-owner of Alleged, a bar on Ogden’s notorious 25th Street, has a unique business model. The bar is funding his restoration projects in Ogden’s historic neighborhoods.

Jared became a property manager by happenstance when a job took him and his wife, Mindy, to St. Louis. Jared has an advertising art degree from the University of Utah and the St. Louis transfer came when the ad agency he’d been with here in Utah fell apart after the dot com bubble burst. They rented their house instead of selling, and became landlords for the first time. But St. Louis wasn’t for them – they missed the mountains too much and moved back to the Rockies within 10 months of their initial move. They landed in Denver and it was there that Jared started buying up properties with more enthusiasm.

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